Why Wind Chimes Are Important in Feng Shui

You can attract infinite wealth to your home and business thanks to Feng Shui wind chimes. Find out the best placement and the perfect number of rods that you need to maximize their power.

Probably, you have already seen some wind chimes in houses or marketplaces around your town as pieces of decoration. They are beautiful and with the proper amount of wind. They produce beautiful sounds but the truth is that they do something besides looking pretty.

The wind chimes have been used for many years in the practice of Feng Shui. They have a lot of influence on the vibrations of the area that surrounds them. You can use them to suppress the negative energy and bring a new flow of wealth into your energy field.

feng-shui-wind-chimesWhere is the Best Place to Hang My Wind Chimes?

Here is a list of some essential practices that you should follow if you want to use your Feng Shui Wind Chimes in the correct way:

  • Your wind chimes must not be in contact with any wall or any other surface. A lot of people make the mistake of placing them near the door to use them as ring bells.
  • Avoid hanging them in trees, they have their own field of energy and might interrupt the flow of wealth that you are aiming to create.
  • Always place them in a ventilated room. There is no point in hanging them in a closed area such as a storage or a bathroom. If you can place them in the west section of your house, it would be perfect.
  • Remember that the flow of positive energy is important, the perfect placement for your wind chimes for wealth is that room where you relax and meditate during the day.

wind-chimes-feng-shuiAll these tips are going to help you to increase the flow of good energy and fortune into your life. Try to follow all of them when deciding where to hang your wind chimes.

Do not worry too much about the material of the chimes, choose the ones that produce the most pleasing sound to you. However, if you really are aiming to attract money into your life, we recommend you to use Bamboo Wind Chimes with three rods.

What is the Best Number of Rods for the Wind Chimes?

This depends entirely on you, choose a model that that fits with your personality so it synchronizes better with your Chi energy.

Some Feng Shui experts believe that chimes with even numbers are better to bring a flow of positive energy while the chimes with odd numbers are used to remove and cleanse bad auras.

At the moment of buying your wind chimes, check if they have an extra good luck symbol or amulet hanging. This will boost in a great way the attraction of wealth.