How to Wear a Claddagh Ring – Rules & Meaning

The Claddagh ring is one of the most beautiful symbols of true friendship around the world. It is used to represent the strong bond between two people.

The word Claddagh comes from the Irish phrase “An Cladch” meaning flat stony shore. The pronunciation of this word on the first part is read “Clad” just like in the English language and the last three letters are pronounced “uh”. Here is a sample so you can hear it by yourself.

What Is the Meaning of the Claddagh Ring?

As we said before, the Claddagh ring comes from an old Irish tradition that dates since the reign of Queen Victoria and King Henry VIII.

Here is the meaning of each one of the symbols in this beautiful ring:

  1. The heart is a symbol of eternal love.
  2. The two hands holding the heart are representing the power friendship.
  3. The crown on the top is a symbolizing complete thrust and unconditional loyalty.

It is really common to see people wearing the charm of the Claddagh ring to celebrate a friendship, a romantic relationship and even as an engagement ring.

All the symbols that form the Claddagh turn it an intense expression of true love and long-lasting relationships based on unconditional support.

Rules to Wear a Claddagh Ring.

As this is a ring representing a special bond, it has special rules that tell you how to wear it depending on the unique bond that you have with the other person.

  • rules-wear-claddagh-ringIf you wear it on the right hand with the crown towards your wrist. That means that you are not currently in a relationship but you are open to meet someone.
  • In case that you are wearing it on the right hand with the heart toward your wrist, you are giving the message that you already have someone special in your life and you are not looking for anyone else.
  • Wearing the Claddagh on the left hand with the crown towards your wrist means that you are currently engaged to the person you love.
  • Finally, if you wear the Claddagh on your left hand with the heart towards your wrist it means that you are already married to that special person in your life.

Pay attention to all these rules on how to wear this unique ring. Wearing it the wrong way may lead to some shameful mistakes.

white-gold-claddagh-ring-saleWhere to Buy a Claddagh Ring?

This might be a popular Irish symbol of love and friendship but it is well known all around the world.

It is not really difficult to find in a jewelry store. In case that it is known by another name in the region near you, remember to carry a picture with you.

You can also buy a Beautiful Claddagh Ring online on popular websites such as Here you can see a picture of a unique Claddagh engagement ring in white gold with encrusted real diamonds.

It is also really common to find these rings with all the different birthstones so you can choose the best one for that special person in your life.

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