How To Place Feng Shui Crystals Correctly – Improve Your Energy

Crystals are popular items used in the art of Feng Shui. Thanks to them you can easily cleanse a room, or even an entire house, from the flow of bad energies.

If you look closely to any kind of crystal, you will notice that they distort the light that passes through them. It happens the same with the vibrations of the positive and negative energies.


The energy that surrounds you will transform depending on the type of crystal that you are using.

Here we are going to show you three of the most popular and effective Feng Shui crystals and stones to purify the energy.

Which Feng Shui Crystal Do I Need?

One really common crystal used in Feng Shui is the Clear Quartz, it is heavily linked with happiness, prosperity and optimistic energy.

The experts use it to clear, protect and even increase the strength of the energy fields.

If you are interested in learning everything there is to know about the different properties of crystals and stones in our world, remember that you can always take an Online Feng Shui Certification Course in order to master this kind of knowledge.

Another great crystal used is the Jade, the green color of this gem is a symbol of renewal. It is commonly used for people who just moved to a new house or when they start a new stage at their school or business.

This Feng Shui crystal is related to family, prosperity and wealth.

Finally, we have the last crystal from this list, the Tiger’s Eye. This stone is usually carried by people who physically train for a big event.

The tiger is a symbol of protection, always watchful and strong. It creates a balance on the energy field of the person so they can keep any bad thoughts and energies away from them while they train.

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