3 Simple Feng Shui Tips for Home You Overlooked

You are not going to believe how easy it is to apply these Feng Shui tips for your home. Did you know that just by moving the furniture in your house you can feel a lot better? It is true!

Feng Shui is often defined as the art of decorating but the truth is that it is a little bit more complicated than that. It is not just clearing the path you walk into your home or placing some good luck charms or talismans here and there.

What Is Feng Shui Exactly?

It comes from the Japanese words “Feng” that means wind and “Shui” which means water. Both of these are two essential elements for life. We just can’t exist without them. We need the purity of the air to breathe and the water to hydrate our bodies.

One thing in common that those two elements have is that they both flow. That is where the principle of these Feng Shui tips for decoration comes from.

Everyone and everything has a special kind of energy called “Chi that is constantly flowing through the universe. The Feng Shui uses this concept to show you the best way to arrange the furniture in your house or office so you can let this energy flow freely.

If you arrive at your house feeling even more tired or stressed after a day of hard work then probably there is a problem with the energy flow.

feng-shui-tips-homeBasic Feng Shui Tips You Can Use Today

You don’t need to hire a guru or an expert in the art of Feng Shui because we are providing you here with some useful tips that you can apply today and with almost no effort. You are going to feel the change almost instantly.

Find the focus point in every room

Take a look at your living room for example, which is the central piece in that place? Usually, it is the TV, you arrange the furniture to face that device.

We are not saying that you can’t have a TV but the living room is a place meant to interact with other living beings in the house. Find a way to put the TV behind a pair of closed doors, there are many pieces of wall cabinets that will allow this or you can build them yourself as a fun weekend project.

The central point of this room should be to focus on the interaction and conversation.

relaxing-house-feng-shuiDe-attach your emotions from your home

Can you remember the day that you place a piece of furniture in the place where it is now? Probably not or maybe it was the day you were moving to that house usually a really hard day with a lot of stress.

Do you really like the way things are right now? Take a short 5-minute meditation session. Take a deep breath and try to clear your mind and for a moment don’t think in anything.

Try to rearrange your furniture just having the Feng Shui in mind and take a step back when you are done to see what happens. You will get better results if you get help from someone who also lives in your house.

Honor your bed!

Remember that your body is your sanctuary, you need to keep clear and clean the place that you use to rest. It is really important that you do not keep anything under your bed.

Every little object is releasing energy at all times. If that energy is constantly hitting with your body while you are trying to sleep then you will not rest as you deserve.

Remember that these tips for the Feng Shui are not strict rules, you can apply them little by little so you can accept the change into your life. If specific advice does not work for your home or office you can skip it and go to the next one.