Secrets of the Three Legged Toad – The Money Frog

The three-legged toad statue figurine, also known as the Chinese money toad, is one of the most popular Feng Shui charms from the Asian cultures that is meant to bring wealth and money into your house or business.

You already know that some objects in this life are not only simple pieces of decoration. This Chinese frog is also a symbol of a mythological creature with three legs known as the Chan Chu or the Zhaocai Chan Chu.

three-legged-golden-frogThe legend of this golden frog tells us that this creature appeared only during the full moon.

If you happened to see it near your house or business that meant good fortune for the upcoming days.

Rules for the Placement of the Three-Legged Toad

  • The money frog must be near the entrance of your house or business but always facing to the interior of the building.
  • Keep the money toad on a clean surface. Remember that it is a symbol of a Chinese mythical creature.
  • Never put the three-legged toad on the floor.
  • Don’t place the toad in a room that has nothing to do with the attraction of money. Such as a guest bedroom or a bathroom.
  • You can use a figurine of this Chinese toad along with some other Feng Shui objects to increase the flow of energy.
  • The best room to place it is the one where you interact with your customers. If you are a telemarketer, place it next to the phone facing you.

Remember that you need to set your mind in a state of constant fortune attraction. This amulet is not going to work for you if you place it in your house or your business while you are thinking about attracting something else that is not money.

three-legged-frog-wealthHere is a beautiful statue of the three-legged frogs with a coin in its mouth for sale.

Ready for its placement in your house a start attracting wealth. You order this one online or you can also find it in almost any Feng Shui store near you.

A great thing about this Feng Shui amulet is that it already comes with a beautiful wood Bagua base.

This is considered a great accessory to increase the powers of the money frog.

Do not forget that this wealth toad is a symbol and you can benefits from its power if you carry that image with you in some other forms.

Some people have already experienced the good fortune brought by this charm and have decided to have tattoos of this fantastic creature.

three-legged-money-frog-woodThis is a magnificent example of a three-legged toad pendant entirely carved in ebony wood. It has a beautiful handcraft design with rope and black beads.

The best thing about lucky charms that come in the presentation of a pendant or a keychain is that you can wear them at all time. Bringing all that good fortune and energy with you in every moment of your day.