How to Bring Love Into Your Life

Different scents have different effects on the human body. You can attract a lot of love to you by using the right incense. The quick results are going to shock you.

Our brain has a superior ability to remember different scents. This kind of memory is even stronger than the one we use when looking at images. Notice how every time you smell a strong scent, dozens of pictures come to your mind at that moment.

This is because our subconscious is in charge of this operation. It has already been proven by scientists around the world that the use of pheromones does have an impact on the opposite gender.

That is something that biologists look in nature every day. Nowadays there are a lot of commercial deodorants and perfumes that hide our natural scent. Yet our subconscious is capable to distinguish the pheromones behind all that.

Choose The Right Incense To Attract Love

If you have walked by a store that sells aromatherapy products, your nose might have gotten a little confused. There are a lot of different scents and our brain does not know what to do.

As I already mentioned, this works on a subconscious level. The right scent will activate that part connected to the Law of Attraction.

It might be difficult for us to achieve this without extra help. We all have problems and stress in our lives that might keep us from achieving what we want in life.

come-me-incenseThis is why I recommend you to try out the Come to Me incense sticks. A single box comes with around 20 sticks that you can use while you meditate, work or even do chores.

They have a light scent like wooden or spice. You will get a feeling of peace and tranquility after using the incense. Try to keep your mind focused on what you want in life.

Think of that special person or the kind of relationship that you want in your life while you have this incense on. You can achieve even faster results if you use it right before going to bed.

That way your subconscious mind is going to keep the connection with the universe to attract what you want in life. Never fall asleep when the incense is still burning.

Remember, as I mentioned in a previous post it is important to keep positive thoughts in your mind. Everything will come to you at the right time. Rushing the universe to bring what you are wishing for is not going to help you.