Omamori Japanese Good Luck Charms for Sale

The Omamori is one of the most popular Japanese good luck charms. It is a talisman that brings protection to the wearer. Here you will find the right Japanese paper talisman to improve your life.

This amulet for good luck become popular since the Tokugawa period. In Japan, it is common to find different kinds of omamori for sale in Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples.

The word omamori means “to protect”, originally these good luck charms were made from paper or wood. Nowadays these amulets are made of silk and contain small items pieces of paper inside that may have a prayer or a religious inscription for protection.

omamori-japanese-good-luck-charmOmamori Charm List

There are different kinds of blessings that you can get thanks to the omamori. Choose the right one for you depending on your current situation.

In this list, you will find the different protections provided by this amulet.

  • kōtsū-anzen. This blessing is for traffic safety or protection. It is meant to be used for drivers and travelers. You can hang it inside your car.
  • yaku-yoke. One really powerful Japanese talisman against evil.
  • kaiun. This one will bring good luck and increase the fortune of the wearer.
  • gakugyō-jōju. Perfect for students and scholars. This specific omamori grants good luck for passing exams and enhance the wearer’s wisdom.
  • shōbai-hanjō. You probably have seen these ones hanging from business as it brings success and money.
  • en-musubi. Also known as the omamori of love, this will bring you the good fortune to find a partner and protect the love in a marriage.
  • anzan. This one is used to protect pregnancy. Worn by pregnant women in order to have a healthy newborn.
  • kanai-anzen. This brings protection and prosperity to your whole family. This charm is made to maintain the peace inside of your home.

Nowadays it is also really common to find these good luck amulets only as pieces of decoration with popular characters. This is mostly attractive to teens and tourists.

omamori-japanese-talismanAll You Need to Know About the Omamori

It doesn’t matter if you carry the omamori in your pocket, backpack, purse or cellphone. You can even hang it in your car or inside your house if you want to make use of its effects.

Remember that you need to replace your Japanese Omamori Talisman at the end of each year. This tradition was made so you can wash out all the bad luck blocked for more than three hundred days.

However, it is not recommended that you throw the old omamori to the trash as this may be an insult to the deities who protected you from all the bad energy.

The best way to dispose of an old Japanese talisman is to give it back to a shrine or a temple, as an alternative, it can also be burned.

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