Lucky Rabbit Foot Charm – Does It Really Work?

A rabbit’s foot is one of the most popular lucky amulets around the globe. Used to bring good fortune to your life. This is a belief that has existed in our world for around twenty-six centuries.

According to some experts on the field, there are certain “rules” that the rabbit’s foot charm must meet to be considered effective luck bringing amulet:

  • Only the left hind foot is useful as a lucky charm.
  • The rabbit must have been shot or captured in a cemetery.
  • You have to capture the rabbit under the light of a full moon.

Of course, these indications may vary depending on the country. The only certain thing about a lucky rabbit foot amulet is that it has the power to bring the best fortune to your life.

rabbit-feet-lucky-charmWhy Are Rabbit Feet Considered Lucky?

When a belief is so strong that travels all around the globe, it means that there is a big chance that you are not dealing with a simple superstition.

It is not a coincidence that a lot of different people in distant geographical regions believe in the same thing.

In China, the combination of the Moon and a rabbit is a symbol of power. Chang’e is known as the goddess of the Moon and her companion is a rabbit.

There are a lot of cultures in the world that consider the rabbit to be a symbol of fertility. Which is a direct definition of survival for the human species?

How to Buy the Best Lucky Rabbit Foot

You can find these lucky charms in a lot of different presentations. In this case, you can even find them tinted in a lot of different colors. Choose the one that fits the most with your lifestyle.

Keep in mind that when you are using any kind of amulet, you need to keep an open mind so you can let the energy of the universe flow through you.

Negative emotions and bad feelings act as energy blockers. This is why a lot of experts recommend you to cleanse your body and soul before using a new trinket to change your fortune.

You need to feel comfortable with the lucky charm that you are using.


  • Rabbit foot keychain. You can find one of these in small size and for a good price. This is the best choice for a lot of people because it is something that they will never forget to carry when they leave their house in the morning.
  • Rabbit foot necklace. It is rare to find one of these. You can rarely find one on the market. People who prefer to use the lucky trinket around their neck usually make their own necklaces. It is a common belief that necklaces and bracelets have stronger powers than a keychain or a piece of decoration.

So, if you are still asking yourself: Is a lucky rabbit foot real? We can certainly tell you that they do work. Even if you are not yet convinced. Think that you are spending only a couple of dollars to get yours. If the charm works for you then you have obtained good fortune, if not, then you have an exotic and original gift for a good friend.

If you have ever used them in the past, we would love to hear your stories so we can spread the word about these wonderful trinkets.