Lucky Horseshoe Charms – Legend & Jewelry

The lucky horseshoe is one of the most popular amulets of good fortune around the world. They have been used as a charm for centuries. Learn the legend behind the horseshoe and discover the best way to use it to bring good energy into your life.

lucky-horseshoe-charmHow to Hang a Lucky Horseshoe?

This is probably the most important question you could ask. You always have to make sure that the position of your lucky amulet is over the doorway with the ends pointing upwards.

This talisman works as a vessel that catches all the good luck.

If you place it with the ends pointing down, all the good luck will spill over.

Some experts say that this is also beneficial because it stops the bad energies from entering your house but we do not recommend it.

If you plan to buy a lucky horseshoe to bless your house with good fortune, make sure you are ordering an authentic horseshoe like this one and not just some trinket made for decoration.

What is the Legend of the Horseshoe Charm?

As with many other stories about the lucky charms about the world, there are different versions that tell us the origin of the lucky horseshoe. However, we choose the one we believe has the best explanation to the question: Why is a horseshoe lucky?

This legend is about a man known as Saint Dustan, a blacksmith from the 10th century, who worked as a blacksmith. One day, the Devil walked into Dunstan workshop disguised as a simple man and asked him to shoe his horse.

Dunstan agreed to the request, pretending not to recognize the evil presence, but then he proceeded to nail the foot of the Devil, inflicting huge pain to him.

A moment later, Dunstan agreed to remove the shoe but only after the Devil promised that he would never enter a house with a horseshoe nailed to the door.

Some people believe that nailing the horseshoe with seven nails, the luckiest number would bring even more luck and good energy to the house but this has not been confirmed by the legend.

Lucky Horseshoe Jewelry for Sale

This good luck charm is perfect as a gift as it comes in a lot of different presentations. You can find the perfect one for that special person or for yourself. Take a look at some of the pieces that you can order online.

lucky-horseshoe-necklaceFirst, we have a lucky horseshoe necklace. This pendant made of sparkling silver with crystal rhinestone has an 18 inches silver chain.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that it also has a small heart hanging from the middle of the horseshoe. This is going to help you to attract good luck and love into your life.

lucky-horseshoe-earringsThen we have the 925 sterling silver horseshoe earrings. This one is decorated with cubic zirconias and you can get them in four different colors so you can choose the one that matches the best with your dress.

lucky-horseshoe-charm-ringNext, you can take a look at this lucky horseshoe ring of top quality silver with 14 glittering crystals. Wear it in case you need to feel extra lucky for a special occasion. It comes with a beautiful black pouch.

lucky-horseshoe-wedding-cakeFinally, we have this white porcelain heart-shaped horseshoe cake top for weddings. You can also use it as a centerpiece or to decorate the guest book. It is also perfect for engagements parties or bridal showers.

This ornament is a sign to attract good luck and fortune to the relationship of the two lives that are about to be joined.

Another great thing about horseshoes is that they are a perfect conversation starter for being so popular around the world as a good luck charm.

They are perfect to break the ice when you meet someone new.