7 Popular Superstitions Around the World

A superstition is a belief of something that can’t be scientifically explained but yet there is a bunch of testimonies backing it up. Here is a list of some examples of superstitions that have been running around the world for a couple of hundreds of years.

superstition-god-bless-you1. “God Bless You”

It is considered polite to say “God bless you!” after a person near us sneezes. The truth is that this custom began thanks to Pope Gregory who would say to all the people suffering from the bubonic plague when they sneezed.

There is also another superstition saying that when you sneeze, your heart stops for a moment and your soul escapes for a brief moment. Saying “God bless you” was considered a way to welcome the soul back to its body.

superstition-breaking-mirror2. Breaking a mirror.

This superstition is one of the most popular around the world. It is said that if you break a mirror you have to carry with seven years of bad luck.

Remember that mirrors have been considered a reflection of the human soul for many years. Causing damage to the object reflecting you is causing damage to your own soul. It is said that it takes 7 years to recover from that spiritual damage.

superstition-knocking-wood3. Knocking on wood

The roots of this superstition where you knock on wood, or simply saying it, come from the elder druids. They believed that powerful good spirits of a life lived in threes.

Knocking on wood is a good luck superstition where you send your statement to the spirits living in the wood so they can help you to change the fate in your favor.

superstition-shooting-star4. Making a wish to a star

The meaning of this superstition comes from ancient Europe.

People from Greek believed that gods would sometimes take a peek at people on Earth. When that happened, the sky moved so they could see.

They made a wish at that moment hoping that those gods would hear their prayer to bring good fortune into their lives.

superstition-crossing-fingers5. Crossing fingers

This one really popular good luck superstition. Making the hand gesture of crossing your middle and index finger is commonly used hoping for good luck.

This gesture comes from Europe during the Holy Persecution where believers identified themselves crossing their fingers as a sign of peace.

This gesture is also used when telling white lies, it is said that the hand gesture of a cross will keep the person who lied safe from going to hell for lying.

camera-superstition-soul6. Picture capturing souls

This belief has its origin in the 19th century with the invention of the photographic camera.

It was something so revolutionary that people could not understand how a machine could reproduce an image of them so accurately.

That was how the superstition of cameras capturing souls was born. Nowadays a lot of people still does not understand how does a photographic camera work but we have just learned to accept the device as a regular part of our lives.

common-superstition-13-bad-luck7. The number 13

Now probably the most common and popular superstition in the world. The fear of the number thirteen. There is no specific record of the legend about this number but it has always been associated with bad luck.

Even people who consider themselves skeptical most of the times would not take the risk. There are international chains of hotels who refuse to have a 13th floor. People avoid important business meetings or important medical procedures on Friday 13th.

The fear for this superstition is so big that there are people who have developed an actual phobia, the Triskaidekaphobia.