Italian Style Charm Bracelet for Sale – Top Quality Jewelry

The Italian charm bracelet is a beautiful way to show the world your hobbies and what you like while attracting good luck and fortune into your life. It is made from a stretchy band with a series of modular links decorated.

These Italian bracelets are usually made of eighteen charm links but this amount varies depending on the length of the bracelet. These bracelets were originally designed in Italy. They were worn by soccer players to feature their country’s flag.

italian-starter-charm-braceletGet Your Italian Charm Starter Bracelet

This bracelet has eighteen blank links. It is a really common piece of jewelry and there are people who like to wear it just that way.

The links are meant to be replaced with new and different designs. This way you can make your own charm bracelet and make it unique in this world. The square charms can be soldered on the surface of your starter link.

As the Italian bracelets have a standard size, you don’t have to worry if a particular charm is going to fit or not into your charm bracelet. The best thing about the links is that they are interchangeable and you can switch them as many times as you want.

You can get your starter bracelet for sale online for under five dollars. You can even find bracelets that already have new links and designs but we always recommend you to choose the links individually by yourself.

How to Add New Links to My Italian Charm Bracelet

In the following video by Kriss Johnson you can learn a really easy method to replace the links of your Italian bracelet in no time.

Keep in mind the following tips when you are looking for your Italian link charms:

  • Customize it according to your personality.
  • Choose a theme and stick with it when choosing your links.
  • Consider laser engraved charms. They cost a little bit more but they worth it.
  • Use a single material for your bracelet and your links: stainless steel, gold plated or 18-karat gold.
  • If you plan to wear your bracelet only casually we recommend you to glue the Italian links charms instead of soldering them.

How to Clean an Italian Charm Bracelet

If you already made an investment to get this beautiful piece of jewelry and dedicated some time to choose just the right link charms for you then you should also learn the best way to take care of your new link bracelet.


Follow these simple 5 rules to keep your new bracelet nice and shiny:

  1. Use a soft cleaning cloth to clean your charms gently. Do this once a week to keep your jewelry sparkling.
  2. Put your bracelet in a separate place from your other jewelry. This will keep the links safe from scratches.
  3. If you used glue to add new links, avoid showering or swimming while you are wearing your bracelet.
  4. Remove your bracelets when doing sports.
  5. Do not try to use any chemical to clean your bracelet. If you want to make it shiny as new take it to a professional.