How to Prepare a Lucky Charm for Exams

Follow this guide on how to prepare a lucky charm for an exam and improve your grades instantly. Learn how you can take advantage of the magical powers of good luck charms to improve how you are doing in your tests. Student life becomes harder and harder every year.

owl obsidian good luck studentsYou are expected to give 100% of you in each and every subject. But when you have six or more to deal with it becomes an exhausting task.

You need to use everything at your disposal to improve your grades (without recurring to cheating, obviously). Carrying with you a lucky charm for students might be just what you need to do in these situations.

A lot of people are still skeptical about this kind of trinkets and I can’t understand why. Have you heard of lucky underwear?

Even sports professionals have a lucky pair of shoes, a good luck shirt, hat or even socks. Why do people refuse to believe in good luck charms for students? Of course, they do work!

It is important that you learn to keep negative energies away from you. Stressing thoughts of failure and criticism is just poison for your mental health.

An authentic good luck charm will help you to wash down that anxiety too. It will make you feel more confident in your skills and protect you from toxic energy.

How to Increase Your Luck In Exams

I’m going to share with you some useful tips you can use to guarantee good luck the day of your test. These are not just exam superstitions and magical tales. Good fortune tips have proven again and again to be useful to students all over the country.

  • Pick a good luck charm especially for you. My favorite one for students is the Obsidian Owl Pendant Necklace as it is a symbol of mystery, intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge. You will get better results if you wear your trinket at least one week before taking a test so it can tune in with your energy.
  • Remember that no one else but you should touch your lucky charm! That would alter the good luck vibrations toward you.
  • Pick the right clothing. If you are wondering what to wear on exam days, do not overthink it. Bring all your good luck clothes with you! If you do not have one of those, then pick a piece of clothing that makes you feel happy or that brings good memories. All these are positive energy that will help you with your examination.
  • Avoid neutral colors. There is no special lucky color to wear for examination, pick the ones that spark good energy within your heart. Just stay away from sad neutral colors such as black, gray, brown and dark shades.
  • Prepare your lucky charm for the test. Here is a small ritual you can perform every night to enhance the powers of your lucky trinket. Lay down in bed and breathe deeply. Hold your lucky charm in your hand and close your eyes. Visualize yourself smiling and confident taking your test. This will prepare you and your charm for the examination.

Most important of all, you need to have confidence in your lucky charm for tests. It will not attract the good energies of wisdom and intelligence into your mind unless you truly believe in its powers.