Hamsa Bracelet for Sale – Protection of the Gods

The amulet of the Hamsa hand is a well-known symbol of protection in many cultures around the world. It is said that the owner’s life will be blessed with good luck, happiness, fortune, love, health and a protective barrier against all evil.

hamsa-bracelet-for-saleThe Hamsa hand has received a lot of different names depending on the culture or the religion where it is used. Some of the most popular names that identify this powerful amulet are:

The Hamsa symbol has the shape of a symmetric hand with a thumb on each side. Sometimes you are going to find the Hamsa charm with an eye symbol on the center. This is to provide extra protection against the evil eye.

It is also possible that you have seen a hamsa hand if you have taken a yoga class in the past. It is usually displayed to bring inner peace and relaxation to the souls of everyone in the room by knowing that they are in a safe environment.

The Power of the Hamsa Hand Charms

You are going to find this famous protection talisman in a lot of different presentations. Some people like to display it as an ornament in their houses.

If you really want to obtain the true protection from this lucky charm you need to carry it with you at all times. Pendants, key chains, bracelets and other pieces of jewelry are perfect for this purpose.

For this specific charm, we strongly suggest you choose the hamsa bracelet as your protective amulet. There are a lot of advantages on wearing a bracelet above other pieces of jewelry.

Here is a fine example of a beautiful 925 Sterling Silver Hamsa Bracelet, entirely handcrafted in Turkey. This charm has multiple cubic zirconia crystals inserted to give it a beautiful presentation.

The evil eye in the center of this bracelet will grant you extra protection against the evil eye curse. This is why it is also a popular piece of jewelry for kids and babies as they are more susceptible to this effect.

If you are having a bad time, you can just take a look at your wrist and remember that you are protected against the bad energy.

You can change the position of the Hamsa hand up or down depending on your culture. The fingers facing down are more commonly recognized in Buddhism while the fingers facing up are more popular among the Hebrew culture.

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