3 Good Luck Charms for Athletes – Excel At Any Sport

Physical condition and endurance are important in any sport but having a good luck charm for athletes gives you extra help from the universe itself.

Channeling the positive energy into your body can grant you that boost that you need to win a competition. It is common to see a lot of different athletes wearing necklaces with trinkets during an important event.

There are two main reasons why people use good luck charms during sports competitions:

  • The athletes use them as lucky charms to bring positive energy to them. You probably have heard that a lot of them have their “lucky shoes” or their “lucky underwear“.
  • Another┬ácommon use is for protection from all the bad energies. People in the competition are not only wishing to win but they also want you to lose. A powerful talisman can keep you safe from those bad thoughts.

You can even find scientific studies that claim the real power of these lucky charms. On a psychological level, they do give you an advantage over your competitors.

Even an improvised lucky charm can give you that sense of security and control on the outcome. The latest Olympics in Rio 2016 allowed to get more insights on this topic.

3 Excellent Lucky Charms for Any Athlete

Here are three personal recommendations of trinkets for any person who practices any sport at a lucky-charm-triathlonprofessional level. Pick the one that fits the most to your field to get the most benefits from it.

First, we have a really popular lucky necklace made of sterling silver with the symbols of a triathlon. Swimming, biking, and running are the three main events in this competition.

It comes in a beautiful gift box ready to be worn. You don’t have to be specifically a triathlete to enjoy the powers of this necklace. The engraved symbols also represent the resistance and energy for any of these sports. This means that you can use it in any cardio-related competition.

boxing-good-luck-trinketNext, we have this boxing glove necklace charm. It is a representation of strength and courage. You don’t’ have to be a boxing enthusiast to make use of this powerful charm.

This glove has been one of the most popular symbols of power in the last few years. It is recommended for any sport which requires physical strength.

evil-eye-braceletWe’ll finish this short list with my personal favorite, the Evil Eye Glass Blue Bracelet. It is made from nylon cord which makes it super durable for any sport and the design is interesting but discrete at the same time.

The Evil Eye is a powerful symbol used for protection against evil energies. You can wear it to keep off the bad influence that your competitors might send towards you. This one can be used in any sports field or even for your daily life.