Four Leaf Clover Jewelry and Its Meaning

A four-leaf clover is another of the most popular lucky charms that are known all around the world. You have heard of them in a lot of different stories, movies and even cartoons and video games.

It has become a symbol that, represents good luck in every single aspect of your personal and financial life.

A good friend of mine doesn’t believe in lucky charms but one day he found a real four leaf clover. He sold it to another person the same day for $20 dollars.

I told him that it was such a waste to use the luck from that charm only to get a small amount of money.

True Meaning of a 4 Leaf Clover

First, let’s take a look at it from the biological approach. Clovers usually have only three leaves and there is only 1 genuine four-leaf clover in every 10,000 normal ones. It is so rare that if you find it then you are really a lucky person.

There is also a religious legend saying that when Eve was expelled from the Garden of Eden, she carried a four-leaf clover with her.

The truth is that one of these rare clovers is not only a symbol of good fortune.

Each leaf is a representation of a different aspect: luck, love, hope, and faith.

Gorgeous Four Leaf Clover Jewelry


Because of its popularity as a lucky charm, you can find it in many different presentations of jewelry. Here we are going to show you some really good gift ideas with clovers.

Four Leaf Locket Charm

We agree that this is not the most beautiful of the accessories but the important part is that when you buy this you are getting a real dried four-leaf clover inside the locket.

Nothing else can compare to the power of real natural charm. You will get your good luck directly from the real and 100% lucky charm.

four-leaf-keychainSpinning Clover Keychain

This is definitely the perfect gift idea for any kind of person. A great advantage of using a four-leaf clover keychain is that you always carry your keys with you wherever you go. It is not something easy to forget.

The one presented here is a chrome plated metal keychain with a double-sided encased design.

Some people believe that even just a picture of a four leaf clover is enough to bring good luck and they are not wrong. You probably have already heard about the Law of Attraction. The picture is just helping you to channel your energy and thoughts into the form of good luck.

four-leaf-clover-necklaceFour Leaf Clover Pendant

You can wear this beautiful clover pendant along with your favorite necklace. It combines perfectly with sterling silver or white gold.

This gorgeous and shiny pendant has four heart-shaped leaves in crystal green. Increasing the love and luck that you want to attract with it.

You could also wear it as a charm in another piece of jewelry.