Feng Shui Water Fountain in Living Room – Placement Guide

A Feng Shui water fountain in your living room can bring a significant flow of clean energy into your house. Follow these simple guidelines and you will get the most benefits from your piece of decoration.

indoor water fountain feng shuiDid you know that the placement of your furniture can have a direct impact on how you feel? The art of Feng Shui tells us everything we need to know about this.

Our whole world is filled with a constant flow of Chi Energy. The amount and quality of this energy can make us feel really good and even depressed sometimes.

If you are skeptical about the power that a Feng Shui water fountain can have in your life, we recommend you to make a small investment and give it a try.

You can easily find hundreds of positive testimonials from people who transformed their lives by simply buying an indoor water fountain.

Try to get a small tabletop Feng Shui water fountain for indoors in case you have not found the perfect one for your house yet. This kind of fountains is way easier to place inside of your house than the large ones made of stone.

Water fountains have been associated with calm and relaxation for hundreds of years. The white noise produced by the running water is just perfect for any meditation routine.

Where Should I Place My Feng Shui Water Fountain?

You can enjoy the benefits of your water fountain to create inner peace in just any room of the house.

The Feng Shui teaches us that if you choose the right placement for your fountain, you will increase its power even more.

While some people rather have their water fountains in the outside, there are some benefits of also having a tabletop fountain inside of your house too.

You can always place stones and crystals near your Feng Shui water fountain if you would like to boost the flow of a specific type of energy.

We suggest you go through the following checklist when choosing the perfect spot for your water fountain.

  • Place your Feng Shui fountain in the North of the living room.
  • Make sure that the flowing water is always clean.
  • Turn off the fountain when replacing the old water.
  • Check that the water flow is running in the direction of the house.
  • You will get bonus clean energy if you place the fountain near a window where it can get direct sunlight.

You do not need to complete all these steps to enjoy your water fountain. Remember that they are just some tips to enhance the cleansing power of the running water.

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