2 Feng Shui Items You Need In Your Study Desk

Take advantage of the power of Feng Shui to channel energy and improve your study session. These special trinkets for students will help you to concentrate better, learn faster and pass any test

Many different bad energies are related to the concept of “evaluation” or “examination”. The sole idea might wake up unpleasant emotions within you such as anxiety, stress and even depression.

We are afraid of the consequences of not approving a test. Those negative vibrations make even harder for us to learn and to focus on the task of studying. Your mind is distracted thinking on the worst possible situation in case you don’t pass your test.

This is why you should learn to set up your study desk properly. It will help you tremendously to enhance your studying session and even make you feel more relaxed and confident about your knowledge.

Here is an example of how you can arrange your desk for optimal work performance. The key element here is to keep everything organized and eliminate any kind of possible distractions at your surroundings.


Become A Better Student With Feng Shui

study-tower-feng-shuiOne of the most popular Feng Shui ornaments for a student room is The Education Tower which has evolved from the Buddhist stupa.

It is said that the power of this Tower will bring discipline and focus to your mind.

It is going to help you to keep the bad energies and thoughts away from you so you can concentrate only on your success. You can place the Education Tower on the North-East corner of your study desk to get the most potential from it.

If you want to improve your productivity in school, this is exactly what you need. You can also use it in an office desk to make you feel better while you are working.

The second item that we have to show you today is this essential oil diffuser by Radha Beauty. It has beautiful colored LED lights that can fit with your mood.


It uses ultrasonic waves to vaporize water and essential oil and produce a pleasant mist. You can also adjust the moisture outlet to your needs.

Scientists have already proven that aromatherapy is an efficient brain stimulant. When you make use of your other senses while studying, you are sending more energy to the brain so it can work at optimal performance.

For the use of this oil diffuser, we suggest you try lavender or mint essential oils. They are two of the most popular scents recommended for students.

We hope you have found these two Feng Shui trinkets useful to improve your study session. Remember that you should also keep away any kind of distractions while you are trying to concentrate on your work.

We wish you the best of luck in your test!