How to Design a Bedroom With Feng Shui – Discover the Basics

Come and learn everything you need to know about the basic power of Feng Shui. Discover the best placement for your furniture in your bedroom to attract wealth and fortune.

Do you usually feel even more exhausted when you arrive home after a long day of work? It is possible that something is blocking the natural flow of energy in your house.

Many people consider Feng Shui as one of the principal elements when designing a bedroom. It will allow the positive energies to enter your house as the negative ones go away.

There are some pretty specific concepts in the art of Feng Shui such as the position related to the Sun, the specific colors of a room and even the current year of the Chinese Zodiac.

But you do not have to worry. We understand that making huge changes in your house like placing a new window can be expensive or even impossible if you are renting.

This is why we have come with this short list of Basic Feng Shui Elements that you can integrate at no cost. It will only take a few minutes of your day to change the way you feel in your home.

5 Tips To Apply Feng Shui to Your Bedroom

  1. Change the position of your bed. Some experts will tell you that it is important that you sleep with your head towards the East. Yet the most important thing you need to remember is to avoid sleeping with your feet towards North. This will bring bad energies and interrupt your rest.
  2. Get rid of everything you do not need. Do not worry, you don’t have to sell or throw anything to the trash. You can use boxes if you want to, keep your room clear from the things you do not use day by day.
  3. Air ventilation is super important. In case you don’t have a window or you can’t open it, you can try using a small fan. It does not matter if it is only a small breeze.
  4. Add a good luck charm to your decoration. Are you looking for wealth, love or financial success? Pick the right trinket for you and it will help you to channel those energies into your life.
  5. Place a pair of speakers to listen to relaxing audio. Music also has an influence on the energies that surround you. Avoid staring at a screen while listening to music as this might distract your subconscious.

EXTRA. Gifts that you receive from other people are charged with positive energies. Try to keep these objects close to you as a reminder of all the love you have in your life.

As you can see, you can apply all these Feng Shui methods for your bedroom today and it will cost you near to nothing. In case you do not want to make a radical change in your bedroom, you can also apply these tips one by one.