Chinese Lucky Coins for Sale (Feng Shui Coins)

The Chinese lucky coins are a really popular tied with a red ribbon are a really popular Feng Shui charm to attract wealth and success to the person who carries them.

These coins are easy to find in any Feng Shui store or you can also order them online. They have an old or vintage appearance with a square hole in the middle, representing the four corners of the Earth.

How Many Chinese Coins are Lucky?

Even though most of the times these Chinese luck coins are sold separately for a really cheap price. You always need to carry them in an amount that is multiple of three: 3, 6, 9, 12, etc.

If you carry a different amount or make your good luck charm using 4 or 5 you will end up attracting bad luck.

feng-shui-luck-coinsBest Placement for the Feng Shui Coins

Remember that you need to always keep your lucky coins together by a red ribbon or thread if you want to activate their true power to attract money and wealth.

You can put the Three Tied Chinese Coins in any place related to money to use their energy to multiply your income.

You can carry them with you in your wallet, in your purse or place them on your desk where you work or inside the cash register.

If you decide to hang them, just make sure that they are in a visible place. The best location is at the front door of your store or the room where you deal with your customers.

How to Tie Chinese Coins With Red Ribbon

It is really important that you use only a red color material to tie your Feng Shui wealth coins together. You will end up bringing bad energy if you use any other color.

The next video by Arlain Bellydance is in Spanish but it shows a great method to tie your Chinese coins together. Just follow the instructions step by step.

chinese-coins-sale-tie-redThere is also a strong belief that you will increase exponentially the power of your ancient coins if you tie them along with an Infinity Knot.

Don’t feel stressed if you don’t want to tie the coins by yourself. You can also get these Chinese Coins Tied Together¬†at the store.

Feng Shui teaches us powerful techniques to increase the flow of Chi energy in our lives. These lucky coins will bring meaningful wealth and money flow.

If you are looking for something else such as love or inner peace we invite you to take a look at some of the other lucky charms shown on this website.