12 Birthstones and Their Meanings – Everything You Need to Know

The birthstones are a quite popular lucky charm used mainly in pieces of jewelry. There are necklaces, bracelets, amulets, earrings and even ankle wrists decorated with these precious stones.

These gems are called birthstones because their spiritual properties are bound to a specific month of the solar calendar.

There is also a list of birthstones associated with zodiac signs. Choose the one that you feel is more accurate according to your personality.

In this post, we are going to show you the different birthstones for each month. This is a list that has been used worldwide and it is also the most popular among the different jewelry stores.

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Meaning of Each Birthstone for All 12 Months

If you have asked yourself “What is my birthstone?” then you are looking at the right place. Here you can see the list of the birthstone corresponding to each one of the months, their color and meanings.

January – Garnet
This pink stone is the representation of constancy and loyalty. A person with this birthstone is a great friend who you can trust even in the toughest times.

February – Amethyst
This gem represents sincerity and peace. It is not a coincidence that February is known as the month of love. People with this stone appreciate honesty among all things.

March – Aquamarine
This is a blue stone representing strong courage and great health. People of this month usually like to take more risks. They benefit greatly by wearing a piece of jewelry with their birthstone.

April – Diamond
Probably the most popular precious gem in the world. It represents the innocence of human nature and also a big amount of love. This is also why a diamond is used in engagements rings instead of another stone.

May – Emerald
The green color, no matter in which good luck charm you find it, is always associated with fertility and happiness. Probably since the beginning of mankind, an upcoming newborn is always a motive of celebration.

June – Alexandrite
This birthstone can be really similar to a diamond. This stone is associated with balance in life. A person with this birthstone rarely finds a problem separating professional and personal relationships.

July – Ruby
A red-colored representation of nobility and beauty. This birthstone is also really popular in jewelry because of its charming color. People who are born in this month are the ones that benefit the most with its properties.

August – Peridot
This is a gem representing protection. People who are born in this birthstone period do not think twice in helping others and even put their happiness at the very end of the list.

September – Sapphire
The blue color of this stone is associated with the quality of wisdom and the calm of the ocean. This is a great gift for students.

October – Tourmaline
This is a gemstone which represents endurance. It doesn’t matter that times are really hard on you because you will succeed in the end.

Birthstone Charms for Bracelets

November – Topaz
Now we have a symbol of a strong and lasting friendship. Worn by people who you can trust and have no hidden motives.

December – Zircon
Finally, we have the zircon, a symbol of wealth. Usually preferred by successful businessmen who know exactly what they want in life.

Remember that if you intend to wear any of these birthstones as a good luck charm or a beautiful piece of jewelry you should choose the one that corresponds to the month you celebrate your birthday.

We hope you have found this list about the different birthstones useful.

Remember that you will probably find a dozen different “official” lists with birth gems depending on the date of creation or the geographical region. Always choose the one that fits the most with your personality so you can make use of its powers.