Beautiful Set of Evil Eye Earrings – Turkish Jewelry

This is a fine and elegant piece of jewelry. These evil eye dangle earrings will grant you the protection from the negative energies during your day.

It is really common the confusion between the evil eye protection jewelry and the actual evil eye curse. Even if they both have the same name, you only need to worry about the curse.

evil-eye-earringsThe jewelry, ornaments or pieces of decoration with the ‘blue eyeball‘ are made to protect you from the curse.

This is why you probably have seen pregnant women and even babies wearing small evil eye bracelets or just hanging them in the baby crib.

The evil eye curse is a Middle Eastern belief, sent by people around us in society. Sometimes they don’t even know that they are casting a curse onto us.

This curse is transferred by other people by the sight even if the person who is casting it is not aware of it. It happens when they see you directly during five or ten seconds while having negative thoughts of envy, greed, lust or even anger.

Elegant Evil Eye Earrings for Protection

This pair of earrings is just what you need to protect you from the curse. They are made of .925 sterling silver and the blue glass eye has a 9mm diameter.

These charming Evil Eye Hearings are entirely handmade, keep in mind that they are made only for pierced earrings. The only bad thing people seem to find about this piece of jewelry is that they might be a little uncomfortable to take off.

Some say that they can cause even more envy from other people because they are so beautiful but it doesn’t matter as you are already protected.

Still, they are cute and you can afford them for a great price. It is never bad to carry a little extra protection during your day.

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