Good Luck Bracelets

How to Make Your Own Personalized Charm Bracelet

In this article, you are going to learn everything you need to know to design and create your own personalized charm bracelet for a really cheap price.

Making your own bracelets is not as difficult as it may sound and you don’t even need special tools or skills to do it.


Many people are worried that their design would not look as good when it is finished or they just don’t want to spend a lot of money.

The most important thing when building your own charm bracelet is that you personalize it with all the different good luck charms that represent everything you want to attract into your life.

Keep in mind that each type of metal has different special properties and meanings than others. It is not the same to wear a necklace of gold than one made of sterling silver. Even if the two of them have the same design and charms.

How to Create Personalized Charm Bracelets

Here are a few simple tips that you can follow to create beautiful and also powerful pieces of jewelry that are going to help you to attract good luck, love, and fortune into your life.

  1. Try to use a single kind of material in the bracelet and also the charms. This is going to improve the appearance and also the power of the charms.
  2. Set a budget before you start buying your materials. It doesn’t matter if you use cheap or expensive charms for the charm bracelets as long as you like all of them.
  3. Choose only charms that fit in your personality. Do not pick a charm just because it looks pretty.
  4. Think of your hobbies and the things that you want to achieve in your life.
  5. Take a deep breath before you start making your own bracelet with sorted charms for bracelets. You don’t want to rush the things. This is something that you are going to wear for a long time.
  6. If you plan to make the charm bracelet for a friend of yours, make sure that all the charms are related to that person.
  7. Remember that if you want to make the power of the bracelet to last longer you, or the person who receives it as a gift, should be the only one wearing it.

Of course, there are also some websites that offer you the service to design and create the charm bracelet for you for an extra fee. You can order one of those if you don’t have the time to make it yourself. ‘

Remember that the important thing is for you to choose personalized charms. Make your bracelet unique in the world.

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Good Luck Charms

Four Leaf Clover Jewelry and Its Meaning

A four-leaf clover is another of the most popular lucky charms that are known all around the world. You have heard of them in a lot of different stories, movies and even cartoons and video games.

It has become a symbol that, represents good luck in every single aspect of your personal and financial life.

A good friend of mine doesn’t believe in lucky charms but one day he found a real four leaf clover. He sold it to another person the same day for $20 dollars.

I told him that it was such a waste to use the luck from that charm only to get a small amount of money.

True Meaning of a 4 Leaf Clover

First, let’s take a look at it from the biological approach. Clovers usually have only three leaves and there is only 1 genuine four-leaf clover in every 10,000 normal ones. It is so rare that if you find it then you are really a lucky person.

There is also a religious legend saying that when Eve was expelled from the Garden of Eden, she carried a four-leaf clover with her.

The truth is that one of these rare clovers is not only a symbol of good fortune.

Each leaf is a representation of a different aspect: luck, love, hope, and faith.

Gorgeous Four Leaf Clover Jewelry


Because of its popularity as a lucky charm, you can find it in many different presentations of jewelry. Here we are going to show you some really good gift ideas with clovers.

Four Leaf Locket Charm

We agree that this is not the most beautiful of the accessories but the important part is that when you buy this you are getting a real dried four-leaf clover inside the locket.

Nothing else can compare to the power of real natural charm. You will get your good luck directly from the real and 100% lucky charm.

four-leaf-keychainSpinning Clover Keychain

This is definitely the perfect gift idea for any kind of person. A great advantage of using a four-leaf clover keychain is that you always carry your keys with you wherever you go. It is not something easy to forget.

The one presented here is a chrome plated metal keychain with a double-sided encased design.

Some people believe that even just a picture of a four leaf clover is enough to bring good luck and they are not wrong. You probably have already heard about the Law of Attraction. The picture is just helping you to channel your energy and thoughts into the form of good luck.

four-leaf-clover-necklaceFour Leaf Clover Pendant

You can wear this beautiful clover pendant along with your favorite necklace. It combines perfectly with sterling silver or white gold.

This gorgeous and shiny pendant has four heart-shaped leaves in crystal green. Increasing the love and luck that you want to attract with it.

You could also wear it as a charm in another piece of jewelry.


Good Luck Bracelets

7 Beautiful Charm Bracelets for Women – Best Gift Ideas

Today we present you a fine selection of charm bracelets for women. Here we are going to help you find the perfect gift for the upcoming holidays.

The most important thing that makes charm bracelets such a perfect gift for women is that they are not just fancy pieces of jewelry.

When you give something personalized and unique, you express how much you care about the other person.

Here are a couple of tips that can help you choose the right bracelet:

  • Choose charms that match with the hobbies and likes of the other person.
  • Initial bracelets are also a perfect choice for girls.
  • Try with gold charm bracelets if the person matches this description.

sterling-silver-charm-braceletSterling Silver Charm Bracelet

This is a modest bracelet that you can get in for an amazing price. It carries a heart charm to bring good fortune and love to your life.

We can suggest choosing this Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet as a gift for a young girl or a teenager.

Some people rather save some money on the bracelet, necklace or chain and invest a little extra on getting more charms to make the gift more original.

silver-beach-charm-braceletSilver Beach Charm Bracelet

The perfect piece of jewelry for any lady who considers herself a beach lover.

This bracelet has six different sea-related charms including seashells, starfish and sea horses along with beautiful glass beads. You can even feel the aura of the ocean just by looking at it.

love-gold-charm-braceletLove the Life You Live

One most popular charm bracelets for women nowadays. Remember that charms are able to attract good fortune to your life and with this one you will be able to bring tons of love to your life.

It has five gold metal hearts with engraved messages and pearl charms.

This bracelet is going to help you send the message to the universe. Asking for waves of unconditional and reliable love to surround your life.

diamond-infinity-charmInfinity Loop Zales Charm Bracelet

Zales is one of the most recognized Diamond Stores online. They have a precious selection of jewelry and also lots of different charms.

This one is presented with an infinity diamond loop. If you think that this is not the right charm for you then you can build your own charm bracelet on their website.

Remember to always look for certified and recognized sellers when shopping any kind of jewelry online.

love-valentine-charm-beadsValentine Charm Bracelet for Girls

This is one of the cutest bracelets that you will find. It has glass and metal beads with different shades of pink along with butterfly charms.

We bet that just by looking at it you already have in mind the girl you want to give this armband.

Probably the most adorable accessory on this list.

fairytale-jewelry-charmsVintage Fairytale Charm Wristlet

This charm bracelet is a must for any woman who considers that fairy tales were an important part of her life.

You can take a look at these charms at any moment and forget about your problems, thinking of those beautiful stories that you have kept form your childhood.

How many of the charms on this picture can you recognize?

friendship-cheap-charmsCheap Charm Bracelet for Teens

This wonderful gift is really popular nowadays. It is also a perfect accessory to share with your friends or family. It is made with pink leather and alloy charms.

You can find it in a variety of different colors and charms for less than five dollars each.

By far the cheapest bracelet on this list with pretty good quality and design. It is great for girls to share matching accessories with their best friend.

If you believe that any of these charm bracelets for women in the list is too simple, remember that you can personalize them and add more charms if you want to.

Good Luck Bracelets

The Gold Charm Bracelet You Have Been Looking For

You can never underestimate the elegance and energy of a gold charm bracelet. It combines the powers of a solid metal along with the charms that you carry with it. It is also a beautiful piece of jewelry to complement your outfit.

Most people choose to wear a gold bracelet because they like the color of the metal and how it matches with their outfit and personality.

Did you know that each and every metal has mystical properties of its own? Gold is associated with royalty, the king of metals, it is not only used to bring good luck to your life.

Here are some of the common characteristics or people who like to use solid gold charm bracelets:

  • They are very warm-hearted and kind.
  • Kind givers who enjoy of splash out.
  • Loyal and trustworthy friends.
  • Try to help people in need.
  • Strive to go to the top and succeed in life.
  • Music lovers.

It is not a coincidence that the most important gold medal in the Olympics is made of gold. If you match in any of these personalities then you should definitely get a gold bracelet so you can get even more advantage of its properties.

Choose the Best Gold Charm Bracelet for Sale

There is a wide variety of different bracelets, remember to pick the one that fits the best to your lifestyle.

14k-gold-charm-bracelet14k Gold Charm Bracelet

This yellow white gold charm bracelet features 13 charms with the figures of heart, lock, and key. Sending you all the positive love energy to your life and giving you the key to hold it tight.

It is a 7.25 inches bracelet, this makes it the perfect gift for your best friend or even for yourself. A life surrounded by love is a happy life.

Remember that a piece of jewelry of 14 karats is approximately 58% gold and 42% other alloys. Making it the most popular purity of gold due to its radiance and good pricing.

antique-gold-charm-braceletAntique Gold Charm Bracelet

This one is perfect if you have already introduced the power of meditation to your life. This Antique All Buddha Heads is one of the most popular pieces of Shambala jewelry.

People believe that antique and handmade objects carry more energy with them and they are absolutely right.

This is just what you need if you want to achieve inner peace and bring calm to your life.

gold-charms-for-braceletsMake Your Own Charm Bracelet

Another option is to make your own bracelet using gold charms with figures and symbols that reflect your personality or the type of fortune that you want to attract into your life.

You can find a bundle of golden charms for your bracelets from There is a wide selection where you can choose from the best ones for you at a fairly good price.

Keep in mind that one of the best things of charm bracelets is that you can personalize it as you wish. Any kind of charm or trinket channels the energy better if you make it unique or if you wear it for a long period of time.

Remember to choose the gold as a material for your good luck charms if you fit in the personalities described at the beginning of this article.

Best Friend Jewelry

Best Friend Charms for Sale – Bracelets & Necklaces

Thanks to these best friend charms that you can use in a bracelet or a necklace, you can make the special bond that you have with your best friend even stronger.

If you really treasure the connection that you have with your friend then you should really consider getting one of these as a symbol of your true friendship.

Some people say that a best friend is actually a brother or sister that you have chosen to live with. There is a special link between you two that I don’t need to explain. Here are a few signals of that special friendship:

  • You often complete each other sentences.
  • Sharing a lot of interest together.
  • The other person stands by your side even if he or she does not agree with your choices.
  • He or she enjoys seeing you happy.
  • You have shared secrets with him or her that nobody else has ever heard.

You probably are thinking on that person as you read this article and even chuckle a little bit remembering some of the good times that you two have shared together.

best-friend-charmsWhy is a Best Friend Charms Bracelet so Important?

The truth is that charms are not only some fancy trinkets that you add to a piece of jewelry. These amulets have a special meaning and may possess power beyond our understanding.

It is not a coincidence that some lucky charms are used all around different countries. This is why they are not just called ornaments for jewelry. They actually work and can use their magic and energy to improve your life if you know how to use them correctly.

You probably already know about friendship bracelets or best friend necklaces.

They are an important symbol of an authentic and long-lasting connection between two people. They are not like any other gift because they have a meaning an also a strong power of their own.

best-friend-charm-necklaceWhich are the Best Friendship Charms?

People usually don’t know exactly what they are looking for in charm. We believe that there is a strong power in words because they have a meaning and a deep message.

You probably have lived through those difficult moments in life where just a couple of words and a strong hug can make the bad thoughts go away.

We recommend you to get a pair of charms that you can share with your friend. That can help you get through those difficult times remembering that you have each other, no matter what.

In case you are looking for a necklace with beautiful charms for your best friend.

This is sterling best friend charms of a silver disc and a heart pendant is just what you need. The disc has the legend “The story of friendship is written on the pages of the heart“. A deep and beautiful message for that special person.

bff-bracelet-charmBut if you believe that a bracelet suits better to your friendship. Then take a look at this leather Sannysis Love Heart Bracelet. You can get it in eight different colors, it is a fantastic gift for you and all your friends.

This friendship antique bracelet comes with three different charms:

  1. Two hearts joined by an arrow, classical symbol of love between two people.
  2. An infinity symbol charm, meaning that you are hoping for a life-lasting friendship.
  3. And a beautiful heart with a pearl in the middle, symbolizing the growing affection of the two of you.

We hope to have helped you find the perfect jewelry piece for that special friend of yours. Remember that nowadays it is difficult to find a true friend.

Treasure the relationship that you have and help each other to become the best version of yourselves.

Good Luck Charms

Lucky Rabbit Foot Charm – Does It Really Work?

A rabbit’s foot is one of the most popular lucky amulets around the globe. Used to bring good fortune to your life. This is a belief that has existed in our world for around twenty-six centuries.

According to some experts on the field, there are certain “rules” that the rabbit’s foot charm must meet to be considered effective luck bringing amulet:

  • Only the left hind foot is useful as a lucky charm.
  • The rabbit must have been shot or captured in a cemetery.
  • You have to capture the rabbit under the light of a full moon.

Of course, these indications may vary depending on the country. The only certain thing about a lucky rabbit foot amulet is that it has the power to bring the best fortune to your life.

rabbit-feet-lucky-charmWhy Are Rabbit Feet Considered Lucky?

When a belief is so strong that travels all around the globe, it means that there is a big chance that you are not dealing with a simple superstition.

It is not a coincidence that a lot of different people in distant geographical regions believe in the same thing.

In China, the combination of the Moon and a rabbit is a symbol of power. Chang’e is known as the goddess of the Moon and her companion is a rabbit.

There are a lot of cultures in the world that consider the rabbit to be a symbol of fertility. Which is a direct definition of survival for the human species?

How to Buy the Best Lucky Rabbit Foot

You can find these lucky charms in a lot of different presentations. In this case, you can even find them tinted in a lot of different colors. Choose the one that fits the most with your lifestyle.

Keep in mind that when you are using any kind of amulet, you need to keep an open mind so you can let the energy of the universe flow through you.

Negative emotions and bad feelings act as energy blockers. This is why a lot of experts recommend you to cleanse your body and soul before using a new trinket to change your fortune.

You need to feel comfortable with the lucky charm that you are using.


  • Rabbit foot keychain. You can find one of these in small size and for a good price. This is the best choice for a lot of people because it is something that they will never forget to carry when they leave their house in the morning.
  • Rabbit foot necklace. It is rare to find one of these. You can rarely find one on the market. People who prefer to use the lucky trinket around their neck usually make their own necklaces. It is a common belief that necklaces and bracelets have stronger powers than a keychain or a piece of decoration.

So, if you are still asking yourself: Is a lucky rabbit foot real? We can certainly tell you that they do work. Even if you are not yet convinced. Think that you are spending only a couple of dollars to get yours. If the charm works for you then you have obtained good fortune, if not, then you have an exotic and original gift for a good friend.

If you have ever used them in the past, we would love to hear your stories so we can spread the word about these wonderful trinkets.