7 Feng Shui Tips for Business Luck and Success

In this article, you are going to learn some of the most effective and proven Feng Shui tips and tricks to boost your business luck and success.

Channeling the energy around the workplace in a positive way can bring huge changes to the flow of income.

Here you are going to find the right Feng Shui method for the exponential growth of your business. These rules apply to small or big business names.

1. Find Your Definition of Success

The main thing that comes to our mind when it comes to a business is “money”. It is clear that you want to bring more income and reducing any possible chance of failure.

You need to ask yourself “What do I need to achieve success?” and the answer to this question might change from person to person. Probably what will bring real success to you is not new customers but a better product instead.

It is important that you answer this question as accurately as you can. This will bring an even bigger flow of positive energy to your business.

business-chinese-coins-good-luck2. Choose the Right Feng Shui Products

Don’t buy just any piece of decoration just because it has a ‘Feng Shui’ tag attached to it. Find the ones made specifically for business success such as:

It is not a bad thing to use Feng Shui items which attract good luck or love, for example, but it will take you longer to see results.

3. Block Bad Energies

Some successful businessmen have the habit of carrying a Feng Shui crystal with them at all times. It could be a keychain, a talisman or even a symbol on their wallet.

As long as you have competitors, there is always a chance of a flow of bad energy from them and you should protect yourself from it.

4. Make Your Clients Feel Positive Energy

If you make your customers feel the flow of positive energy and success in your business, they will feel confident about going back to you with a huge smile on their faces.

5. Thrust Your Guts

This is a specially important trick for small businesses. There are times when you have to take an important decision when you just feel which is the right answer.

Probably there is no logic behind your decision but there is something inside you telling you what is right and wrong. This is the power of Feng Shui energy flowing through you.

6. Rituals Are Key for Success

There are small businesses with a custom of saying a prayer before starting a workday, some of them ring a bell each time they make a sale or donate a small percentage of their income to charity every month as an expression of gratitude.

All of these rituals are like signals for the universe. The purpose is to let it know that we have received the success and we are open to receive more.

7. Meditate to Wash Away Negative Thoughts

There are always times when stress tries to take control of us. We become afraid of failure in our business or in our lives.

It is necessary that you implement a meditation routine at the end of each day to remind yourself of all the good things you have in your life.

The main problem of having bad thoughts is that they attract bad energy and it can be so strong that protection talismans are not enough to help you.

We hope you have found these Feng Shui tips and tricks for business success useful. Please share this story with your friends and family. Perhaps you can help someone to improve their business.