7 Feng Shui Home Design Guidelines

If you want to bring good fortune, love and wealth into your house, make sure to follow these feng shui home design guidelines and turn your surroundings into a temple of peace, happiness and love.

In case you are asking yourself “What is Feng Shui?”. Then we recommend you to take a look at this article where we point out all the basic information you need to know about the flow of Chi energy plus some basic tips.

The feng shui has some design tips that tell us the best placement for our furniture or belongings inside the house.

The thing is that we just can’t easily change the structure of the house we live in. For example:

  • Moving a window a few inches to the north might result impossible in most cases.
  • Replacing a whole front door could be really expensive.
  • Removing a beam from the ceiling just can’t be done.

feng-shui-home-design-rulesFeng Shui Interior Design Principles

Here are a few tips that you can follow if you plan to build a new room or in case you are moving to a new place. You can also use these design tips as a checklist to make sure that everything is in order in your house.

Remember that you can also make use of some feng shui products and lucky charms to compensate for a failure in the design or to repel the bad energy from your place.

1. A library is important

You don’t need to dedicate an entire room of your house to fill it with books. A library can be a small desk where you can sit in peace and enjoy some reading material away from distractions. Remember that books are like food for the mind.

The best position for a library in your house is in the northeast of your living room.

2. Pictures attract happiness

A picture of a flowing body of water is important to attract wealth to your family. It could be a river or a fountain just make sure that you place it in a room where everyone can appreciate that piece of art.

It is also important to place happy family portraits around the house to make your bond with your relatives even stronger. Avoid studio or artistic pictures. The more natural the better.

feng-shui-important-rules3. Dedicated space for your PC

Nowadays laptops, tablets, and smartphones are much more popular than desktop computers but, as an important feng shui rule, you should place your PCs and electronics gadgets pointing to the West to increase the creativity and flow of ideas.

4. The Children’s Bedroom

The best placement for the bedroom of your toddlers is also the West. This will increase the flow of good luck and better opportunities in their lives.

5. What to avoid

There are also a couple of Feng Shui rules of what you need to avoid to keep the constant flow of energy as clean and pure as possible.

  • Avoid using the colors red, orange or green in a room pointing North.
  • You should not display mirrors in the North East.
  • If possible, do not install the kitchen in the South West.
  • Don’t display daggers, swords or any sharp object.

6. Keep your walls in good shape

Take a look at your walls and watch for any cracking or chipped painting. If you find any of these, it should be fixed as fast as possible.

They can create a leak on the good fortune that you are trying to attract and even let the bad energy come into your house.

7. Watch for the main entrance

It is a popular feng shui home design rule, that it must not be any beam over your main entrance as it blocks all the new opportunities coming your way.

Keep in mind that a door is not the only way to enter a house. The feng shui energy will be able to flow as long as the wind can. Keep in mind that these interior design tips are meant to be used to increase or boost that energy.