5 Habits That Attract Bad Karma to Your Life

You have to pay attention to your actions to avoid bringing bad Karma into your way. Here are a few common habits that you have to stop doing if you want to have clean energy around you.

The concept of Karma is popular nowadays with the saying “What goes around comes around”. This means that everything good or bad that you do will come back to you.

A lot of spiritual experts and Feng Shui masters have agreed on the existence of Karma in this universe. It is one of the most important laws in this life along with the Law of Attraction.

Every action that you do has consequences. Sometimes they are immediate and you will see them right away. Other times it might take days or even months to be able to see the side-effects.

The most interesting part of Karma is that the energy that comes back to you returns amplified and stronger. Sometimes what you get in return does not seem connected to your direct action in the first place.

How to Avoid Bad Karma

As I said before, we need to pay attention and keep a clean Karma in our lives. Take a look at these common habits that usually attract bad energy to our surroundings.

1. Watching too much television

It might seem ridiculous, right? You might think that there is no harm in sitting there watching TV. The problem is that all the time you spend there, you are not doing anything good either.

Doctors have already released studies of the dangers of having a sedentary life. Sitting in a place for long periods of time without physical activity is harming your body. Never forget that your body is your temple.

2. Hurting other living beings

I am not talking about harming pets or other people around you. Sometimes our Karma becomes a stain for killing an insect who was only living its life.

It is true that you need to protect yourself and your family from the diseases that some of these insects cause. But they are still living beings and all forms of life should be respected.

3. Making fun of other people

It is easy to let yourself go by the mood of the moment. The other person might even join the laughter in the end. Yet you can’t tell if you are hurting that person or not.

Respect towards others is important to preserve good Karma.

4. Addictions

This habit is pretty straightforward and connected to the first one I mentioned in this list. Your body is your temple. Addictions of any kind are harmful to your spirit.

By not taking care of your body, you are also hurting your spiritual being.

5. Having negative thoughts

This one might be the most important of all because we do it without even noticing. Negative thoughts towards other people and life itself can only bring bad Karma.

Many people get frustrated with the concept of Karma, they think that they are doing a lot of good actions without receiving anything in return.

Their problem lies in the negativity of their mind. When you realize good deeds in your life expecting nothing in return, the universe will read your good Karma and bring back beautiful things to you.