3 Good Luck Rituals for Students That Really Work

The life of a student can be really stressful. Here we present you with some tips to bring good luck and let you pass any exam easily.

These tips are also known as pre-exam rituals. They are some pretty effective customs and activities that will help you to attract good luck with your studies.

Don’t you feel frustrated when you study all night just to get an average grade? You feel that all that effort should be compensated better.

Spending tons of hours studying is not going to be enough most of the time. This is because stress is one of the biggest memory blockers. It has been labeled as the No. 1 memory problem by the experts.

Of course, you can take a brain training program to help you develop a stronger memory. The problem is that if you do not do something about that negativity and stress, the results will probably be the same.

How to Pass an Examination With Good Luck

Before we start with these rituals to bring good luck for your test, keep in mind that you need the knowledge in your mind first. Your brain is not able to remember something that is not there in the first place.

1. Take a nap right after a study session.

Scientists have proven that the brain writes all the new information you have learned in your long term memory. If you take a short nap right after studying, your brain will give priority to that knowledge.

However, it is important that you set an alarm before taking a nap. You won’t want to miss the other things that you had planned for the day.

In case you are one of those people who just can’t sleep during the day. A small meditation routine will do the job for you.

omamori-japanese-talisman2. Carry a good luck charm with you.

This is especially important to help you against stress and bad thoughts. Nowadays the Omamori has become really popular among Japanese students in exam seasons.

We also have on this website a really popular post about lucky charms to help students to pass their tests. You can check it out right here.

Any of the listed lucky charms are a perfect gift for any student. He or she will appreciate it a lot after enjoying the magical benefits.

3. Do not worry about the right colors.

There are many theories among the internet about which ones are the right colors to wear during an examination. Some websites tell you to try on bright and happy colors such as yellow, light blue or white.

The best thing you can do to bring good fortune to your test is to wear comfortable clothes on. A lot of people have reported that wearing the same clothes they had on while they studied have shown a huge improvement on their results.

We hope you have found a useful ritual or trick to pass your tests in this short list. There are hundreds of different methods used by many people around the world. We invite you to visit our Facebook page so you can share your technique with the rest of the community.