3 Good Luck Charms for Exams – Pass All Your Tests

Nothing beats a good study session in order to successfully pass a test. In case you are looking for extra help then take a look at these good luck charms for exams that will attract wisdom and good energy while keeping away the fear and anxiety.

Examinations are probably one of the most stressful parts of anyone’s life. It doesn’t matter if we are taking the test at school or as a quality evaluation in our career.

Usually, it doesn’t matter if we are prepared or not to take the test. We still feel nervous and anxious because we know that failure has its consequences.

good-luck-charms-exams1. NoHoHon-Zoku Bobble Head

This adorable good luck companion is a really popular charm in the Japanese culture. It is similar to the solar-powered Chinese Maneki Neko.

This charm will work even when you place it indoors with the light of your classroom or your office. Place it on your desk directly in front of you to get better results.

It is perfect for test taking as it helps you by removing all the stress in the room so you can concentrate on peace to study and get a better career.

wisdom-charm-pass-tests2. Add a Wisdom Charm to Your Jewelry

Remember that good luck charms work better if you are wearing them at all times. This way they can channel their energy with yours to create a better flow.

By simply adding a single charm with the symbolic meaning of wisdom to your necklace or bracelet you will start attracting good vibes to pass your examination.

It doesn’t have to be a charm with the word “wisdom” or “intelligence“, you can choose to pick a figure that┬ásymbolizes┬áthese two qualities such as the Tree of Wisdom.

lucky-elephants-pass-examination3. Lucky Elephant Gem Bottles

Finally, you have here a pair of Feng Shui good luck charms to pass your exams. These are Amulet Bottles With Gemstones that you can carry in your pocket or place them in your desk to attract the good energy.

These two bottles are filled with gemstones of Lapis Lazuli and Quartz, you can also find them with different gems inside. Remember to pick the one corresponding to your birthstone to receive enhanced energy.

The bottles are sealed with a string of rope with a Lucky Elephant charm in each one of them. This figure is a popular representation of wisdom in Asian countries.

They also have an evil eye charm as an extra protection measure. In case that your test is with that professor that doesn’t like you for no reason.

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It doesn’t matter if you go to the examination wearing all your lucky clothes and with your pockets filled with all kinds of lucky charms. If you are not well prepared for your exam you are not going to like the results.

These lucky charms for tests are meant to help you by clearing your mind and help you to focus all your energy into a single task: Passing your exam!