3 Feng Shui Products for Business Growth and Their Uses

You can easily boost your productivity in your professional life by adding a few feng shui products for the growth of your business to your work environment.

Feng Shui is an art that shows us the best way to change our environment to take advantage of the energy that surrounds you. This energy comes from the essential elements of wind and water.

Just by following a couple of easy Feng Shui tips for your home you can change the way you feel in a really positive way. You don’t believe the impact that a simple curtain may have in your feelings and self-esteem.

One of the important lessons that Feng Shui gives us about professional life is that it must be entirely separated from personal life. This is an important tip that will bring a lot of peace and happiness to your life.

Use of Feng Shui Products for Wealth and Business

Why buy just a random piece of decoration for your desk or office? You can use one of the following Feng Shui ornaments to enhance your productivity and your flow of income while protecting you from bad luck.

money-making-feng-shui-treeCrystal Money Tree

This beautiful Amethyst Gem Stone Tree is made of resin and amethyst quartz crystal stone. This unique tree is a good luck charm made to bring you wealth and abundance.

The best placement for this piece of art is on the eastern corner of your desk in order to get the best use of its energy.

Another thing that we love about this money tree is that you can arrange the branches as you prefer and personalize it to make it different and unique.

If amethyst happens to be your birthstone remember that it will work perhaps ten times better with your personal type of energy. If not, then don’t worry because this good luck charm is available in different crystal stones.

feng-shui-finnancial-successCrystal World Globe

Probably one of the most popular gifts nowadays for businessmen. This Crystal World Glove is a symbol of direct financial growth for your career.

Placing this Feng Shui charm in a visible place in your office will also increase the recognition of your brand. The best way to use this globe is to put it in a place that receives the direct natural light from the Sun.

A huge part of running a successful business is having visibility on the market so you can get the right customers. This crystal globe will help you to attract just the right people you need in your life to achieve your financial success.

Auspicious Monkey Sitting on Treasure

A lot of people who are skeptical about the huge power of the Feng Shui hesitate before getting one of these ornaments for their office or desk.

sitting monkey wealth feng shui

This adorable Sitting Monkey of Wealth is made from resin and painted in a golden color. It is also a piece that must be displayed in your workplace if you want to get the benefits to increase your wealth.

But if in the end, you believe that this is not the right piece for you, keep in mind that you can also make use of the popular Maneki Neko statue and still get amazing results.

It is important to be familiar with the different feng shui products in existence and their meanings. Choosing the wrong charm will bring a different kind of luck from the one you expect.