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3 Good Luck Charms for Exams – Pass All Your Tests

Nothing beats a good study session in order to successfully pass a test. In case you are looking for extra help then take a look at these good luck charms for exams that will attract wisdom and good energy while keeping away the fear and anxiety.

Examinations are probably one of the most stressful parts of anyone’s life. It doesn’t matter if we are taking the test at school or as a quality evaluation in our career.

Usually, it doesn’t matter if we are prepared or not to take the test. We still feel nervous and anxious because we know that failure has its consequences.

good-luck-charms-exams1. NoHoHon-Zoku Bobble Head

This adorable good luck companion is a really popular charm in the Japanese culture. It is similar to the solar-powered Chinese Maneki Neko.

This charm will work even when you place it indoors with the light of your classroom or your office. Place it on your desk directly in front of you to get better results.

It is perfect for test taking as it helps you by removing all the stress in the room so you can concentrate on peace to study and get a better career.

wisdom-charm-pass-tests2. Add a Wisdom Charm to Your Jewelry

Remember that good luck charms work better if you are wearing them at all times. This way they can channel their energy with yours to create a better flow.

By simply adding a single charm with the symbolic meaning of wisdom to your necklace or bracelet you will start attracting good vibes to pass your examination.

It doesn’t have to be a charm with the word “wisdom” or “intelligence“, you can choose to pick a figure that symbolizes these two qualities such as the Tree of Wisdom.

lucky-elephants-pass-examination3. Lucky Elephant Gem Bottles

Finally, you have here a pair of Feng Shui good luck charms to pass your exams. These are Amulet Bottles With Gemstones that you can carry in your pocket or place them in your desk to attract the good energy.

These two bottles are filled with gemstones of Lapis Lazuli and Quartz, you can also find them with different gems inside. Remember to pick the one corresponding to your birthstone to receive enhanced energy.

The bottles are sealed with a string of rope with a Lucky Elephant charm in each one of them. This figure is a popular representation of wisdom in Asian countries.

They also have an evil eye charm as an extra protection measure. In case that your test is with that professor that doesn’t like you for no reason.

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It doesn’t matter if you go to the examination wearing all your lucky clothes and with your pockets filled with all kinds of lucky charms. If you are not well prepared for your exam you are not going to like the results.

These lucky charms for tests are meant to help you by clearing your mind and help you to focus all your energy into a single task: Passing your exam!

Good Luck Charms

Secrets of the Three Legged Toad – The Money Frog

The three-legged toad statue figurine, also known as the Chinese money toad, is one of the most popular Feng Shui charms from the Asian cultures that is meant to bring wealth and money into your house or business.

You already know that some objects in this life are not only simple pieces of decoration. This Chinese frog is also a symbol of a mythological creature with three legs known as the Chan Chu or the Zhaocai Chan Chu.

three-legged-golden-frogThe legend of this golden frog tells us that this creature appeared only during the full moon.

If you happened to see it near your house or business that meant good fortune for the upcoming days.

Rules for the Placement of the Three-Legged Toad

  • The money frog must be near the entrance of your house or business but always facing to the interior of the building.
  • Keep the money toad on a clean surface. Remember that it is a symbol of a Chinese mythical creature.
  • Never put the three-legged toad on the floor.
  • Don’t place the toad in a room that has nothing to do with the attraction of money. Such as a guest bedroom or a bathroom.
  • You can use a figurine of this Chinese toad along with some other Feng Shui objects to increase the flow of energy.
  • The best room to place it is the one where you interact with your customers. If you are a telemarketer, place it next to the phone facing you.

Remember that you need to set your mind in a state of constant fortune attraction. This amulet is not going to work for you if you place it in your house or your business while you are thinking about attracting something else that is not money.

three-legged-frog-wealthHere is a beautiful statue of the three-legged frogs with a coin in its mouth for sale.

Ready for its placement in your house a start attracting wealth. You order this one online or you can also find it in almost any Feng Shui store near you.

A great thing about this Feng Shui amulet is that it already comes with a beautiful wood Bagua base.

This is considered a great accessory to increase the powers of the money frog.

Do not forget that this wealth toad is a symbol and you can benefits from its power if you carry that image with you in some other forms.

Some people have already experienced the good fortune brought by this charm and have decided to have tattoos of this fantastic creature.

three-legged-money-frog-woodThis is a magnificent example of a three-legged toad pendant entirely carved in ebony wood. It has a beautiful handcraft design with rope and black beads.

The best thing about lucky charms that come in the presentation of a pendant or a keychain is that you can wear them at all time. Bringing all that good fortune and energy with you in every moment of your day.

Feng Shui Tips

3 Study Rituals to Pass Any Exam Easily

Succeed in all your classes with these three rituals for study and pass in exams that really work. Learn how to attract intelligence and wisdom so you never fail another test again in your life.

Exams are probably the most stressful part of the life of a student. It is terrifying to think that a simple piece of paper can have a big impact on your future.

The stress and anxiety caused by these tests have a huge impact on everyone. It affects every aspect of your life. You feel more distracted and nothing seems to go your way.

Have you had one of those nights when you study really hard until 2 or 3 in the morning and the information just won’t stick to your mind? If you have then you should pay close attention to the study rituals I have for you today.

You can easily increase your luck in exams by doing some rituals that will improve your wisdom and let the knowledge flow through your mind.

Study Practices to Pass Any Exam

First of all, let’s make clear that the habits I present to you today are not only superstitions. They do work and you can try them out anywhere without having to spend a dime.

Skeptical people like to discredit anything they don’t like. The truth is that they are scared to accept that the power of the universe is that big when you learn how to control it.

1. Mind Cleansing

In order to gain new knowledge, you need to clear up some space in your mind. Think of it as if you were storing a big box in a cluttered garage. You need to organize some of it to make enough room for the new stuff.

candles to pass testHere is what you need to do:

  1. Pick a quiet space with no interruptions.
  2. Clean the space in front of you. It should be only you and your study materials.
  3. Light up incense or a scented candle for good luck. (Pick your favorite essence)
  4. Breathe deeply and picture yourself passing your test for 5 minutes. Let yourself feel any emotions that might come up.
  5. Begin your study session.

The day before the test, light the essence and do the same breathing exercise. That will help your brain find the new information you just stored in your study session.

2. Dress for Your Test

It has been scientifically proven that the outfit you wear has a big impact on your emotions. That is why we are doing everything we can to keep stress and anxiety away.

Don’t worry too much about what to wear to pass your test. Just make sure to pick your lucky clothes for the day of the examination.

I recommend to wear light colors of blue, yellow, orange or pink but that is up to you.

Wear an outfit that makes you feel so confident that you cannot possibly fail that exam.

3. Shake Hands With Smart People

This might sound a little bit weird but it is a lucky ritual that definitely helps in a test. Just before you enter the classroom, make sure to shake hands with the smartest people in the class and wish them good luck on the exam.

They might get a little confused by this if you usually do not spend time with them but don’t think about it. You will attract some of their knowledge aurae when interacting with them.

By wishing them good luck you are sending good energy to the universe and that same energy will come back to you doubled or tripled.

When performing any of the rituals I mentioned today, remember that you need to be confident that they will work for you. Uncertainty can block the good energy to pass your test that the universe is sending to you.

Good Luck Charms

How A Maneki Neko Coin Bank Brings Good Fortune (Smiling Cat)

Double and even triple your fortune with the Maneki Neko coin bank for your savings. Every coin you save in the smiling cat figurine will be blessed with good energy telling the universe to bring more wealth into your life.

maneki neko attract good fortuneYou probably have heard of that financial advice telling you to put all your spare change in a jar at the end of each day.

This is a good idea if you want to start saving your money little by little. You won’t even notice the impact on your spending and it can add up a lot after a while.

Now imagine that each coin that you save triples its value without having to do anything. Just by putting your extra cash in the Maneki Neko coin bank you will be attracting wealth and good fortune into your life.

Your financial status has a lot to do with your mentality towards money. There are Feng Shui studies proving that just by keeping bad energies away from you can make you a luckier person with money.

The Maneki-Neko also called the Beckoning cat, is really popular in the Chinese culture. You probably have seen it at the entrance of shops, restaurants, and other businesses. Their main purpose is to bring good fortune and customers to the store.

This smiling cat can also help you at your own home to bring more money into your life.

Perfect Maneki Neko Coin Bank for You

Everything you send out to the universe will come back to you. Good and bad energies will return to you doubled or even tripled.

What you must remember is that it has all to do with the intention you do your actions. It would be pointless to donate hundreds of dollars to charity if you are only expecting for that money to return to you.

Every act of generosity must be selfless without expecting anything in return. The universe can always tell the intention behind every one of your actions.

That is why the Maneki Neko coin bank is just perfect for you and also as a gift for anyone.

The cute and adorable ceramic figurine just brings a smile to your face every time you look at it. It is a perfect source of positive energy to any room. Here are a few tips to activate the power to attract wealth into your life:

  • Put every coin into the coin bank as if you were sending it to the universe.
  • Thank The Source for everything it has given to you so far.
  • Hold the coins in your hand send it away with generosity.
  • Do not think of the moment of taking out the money. Much more will flow into your life.

Don’t let any bad thoughts or negative ideas come to your mind. Every inch of anxiety is negative energy that might block the flow of good fortune into your life. Act out of generosity and the universe will reward you. Let this cute cat help you bring all the good luck and happiness that the Source is holding for you.

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Good Luck Charms

How to Prepare a Lucky Charm for Exams

Follow this guide on how to prepare a lucky charm for an exam and improve your grades instantly. Learn how you can take advantage of the magical powers of good luck charms to improve how you are doing in your tests. Student life becomes harder and harder every year.

owl obsidian good luck studentsYou are expected to give 100% of you in each and every subject. But when you have six or more to deal with it becomes an exhausting task.

You need to use everything at your disposal to improve your grades (without recurring to cheating, obviously). Carrying with you a lucky charm for students might be just what you need to do in these situations.

A lot of people are still skeptical about this kind of trinkets and I can’t understand why. Have you heard of lucky underwear?

Even sports professionals have a lucky pair of shoes, a good luck shirt, hat or even socks. Why do people refuse to believe in good luck charms for students? Of course, they do work!

It is important that you learn to keep negative energies away from you. Stressing thoughts of failure and criticism is just poison for your mental health.

An authentic good luck charm will help you to wash down that anxiety too. It will make you feel more confident in your skills and protect you from toxic energy.

How to Increase Your Luck In Exams

I’m going to share with you some useful tips you can use to guarantee good luck the day of your test. These are not just exam superstitions and magical tales. Good fortune tips have proven again and again to be useful to students all over the country.

  • Pick a good luck charm especially for you. My favorite one for students is the Obsidian Owl Pendant Necklace as it is a symbol of mystery, intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge. You will get better results if you wear your trinket at least one week before taking a test so it can tune in with your energy.
  • Remember that no one else but you should touch your lucky charm! That would alter the good luck vibrations toward you.
  • Pick the right clothing. If you are wondering what to wear on exam days, do not overthink it. Bring all your good luck clothes with you! If you do not have one of those, then pick a piece of clothing that makes you feel happy or that brings good memories. All these are positive energy that will help you with your examination.
  • Avoid neutral colors. There is no special lucky color to wear for examination, pick the ones that spark good energy within your heart. Just stay away from sad neutral colors such as black, gray, brown and dark shades.
  • Prepare your lucky charm for the test. Here is a small ritual you can perform every night to enhance the powers of your lucky trinket. Lay down in bed and breathe deeply. Hold your lucky charm in your hand and close your eyes. Visualize yourself smiling and confident taking your test. This will prepare you and your charm for the examination.

Most important of all, you need to have confidence in your lucky charm for tests. It will not attract the good energies of wisdom and intelligence into your mind unless you truly believe in its powers.


Feng Shui Tips

How to Bring More Money to Your Life – 7 Steps to Wealth

Learn how to bring more money to your life by using a couple of Feng Shui techniques and some good luck charms. Stop blocking the flow of good fortune and welcome all the wealth that the universe has been preparing for you.

Everyone in this world is connected to The Source through their subconscious mind. The Source is an unlimited well of everything that is good in the universe such as love, fortune, wealth, happiness, and freedom. Whatever you set your mind into you will attract it from the source.


The problem is that we can’t control our subconscious mind the same way we control the conscious one. You can think that you want to bring more money to your life but your subconscious might be busy worried and stressed out by debt and fear.

You have to truly believe with every thread of your soul in what you want to attract from the Source. Fear, insecurity, and loss is everything you are going to bring if you can’t get rid of that from your subconscious mind.

That is why I’m going to show you some tips to reprogram your subconscious mind using the help of Feng Shui in your life. A couple of small changes in your surroundings and habits can have a huge impact on your whole life.

Feng Shui For Money Success in Business and Life

The key element to truly control your subconscious mind and your ideas are to create a healthy and clean environment. A constant flow of positive energy is what is going to make a real change in your life.

I’m going to share with you seven tips to remove bad energy and fear from your life so you can start bringing the wealth and fortune you deserve into your life.

  1. jade three legged frogRemove everything that is stressing you out from your sight. Place all the bills in a designated desk, they are a constant reminder of what you do not have.
  2. Surround yourself with positive thoughts. Something as simple as post its with positive affirmations around the house can change your mood instantly.
  3. Cut ties with toxic people. If you feel that this is impossible, try to reduce the amount of time you spend with them.
  4. Stat meditating in the mornings. It will help you prepare your brain for what will come during the day.
  5. Place a Feng Shui item to bring money. My favorite one is a jade Three-Legged Frog I have in my working desk.
  6. More is not always better. Instead of buying new things, replace what you have with better quality versions.
  7. Make a ritual of eliminating bad thoughts. Every time you identify a negative thought in your mind write it on paper, say goodbye to it and rip it apart.

The Source is always tiring to send you love, wealth and good fortune into your life. Negative thoughts are blocking all that from coming into your life and that is why you need to make a real change as soon as possible.

Follow the tips on this article and you will find out that you will bring more wealth and happiness. You will even feel younger and more energetic as the negative energy causes huge stress on the body.

Feng Shui Tips

How to Get Good Luck With Money – Attract Abundance

Learn the secret of how to get good luck with money and change your life forever. Live up to your dreams and do not worry about money ever again

You probably have a lot of dreams. Things that you want to achieve in your life but there is one thing always stopping you from achieving it: money.

It could be that what is stopping you is not the money but the fact that you do not have free time because of work. And you can’t leave your work because you need to earn money for living.

Society has made some rules that make it difficult to escape from. Nowadays not any full-time job is enough to fulfill all our necessities.

The money is not just enough to allow you to accomplish your dreams and goals. That is why you need a way to attract more money into your life.

People usually say that is not possible to attract luck and money just like that. They say that “if you need more money look for side job” but you do not have unlimited time or energy to do this! In the long run, it will create health issues that translate into more expenses.

How to Attract Luck and Money

I’m going to share some good luck tips to increase your good fortune. You will be able to attract more money into your life from sources you had not even imagined before.

  1. Cleanse your mind. Your mind invaded with toxic energy of negative thoughts around money. You need to visualize the fortune in your life.
  2. Protect yourself from curses. People with bad energy around you will start sending you bad envy vibes once the money starts flowing into your life. Carrying around a protection trinket will help you keep your aura clean.
  3. Try home remedies to attract money. Rearranging your furniture using Feng Shui has proven to bring good fortune instantly to hundreds of homes. Also, I personally place a three-legged frog statue next to my bed on my nightstand.
  4. Attract money to your business. Place a couple of good luck trinkets in your office or workplace to bring more fortune. If they won’t allow you, you can always carry trinkets with you.

Also, do not underestimate the power of positive affirmations. They are like subliminal messages to the universe telling it to bring you all the good things into your life.

It is as equal as important that you purge all negative thought from your mind as quickly as possible. As soon as you notice a stressful thought about money write it down in a piece of paper and tear it apart.

Follow these tips to attract a flow of money into your life and you will be surprised with the changes and good fortune the universe is preparing for you.

Feng Shui Tips

6 Feng Shui Numbers for Business You Should Know About

Understanding how Feng Shui has an impact on the numbers of your business might lead to a huge success soon. The correct flow of chi energy will bring the good fortune you have been looking for into your life.

Numerology teaches us that each number has a different meaning and energy. The more you learn about their power the more benefits you will get from them.

Each number or combination of numbers might affect your success in life and in business. Also, you need to be careful as some numbers in Feng Shui might also affect your money income negatively.

How to Use Feng Shui in Numerology

Feng Shui teaches you how to move the furniture in your room to have a better flow of chi energy. You can also get good luck charms and trinkets to bring abundance into your life.

However, it is not that easy when it comes to numbers. You can’t just rearrange the numbers of your address or your phone number to bring good luck.

feng shui numerology ad

Thanks to the power of Numerology, we know that the numbers six, eight and nine are considered lucky numbers. While the number four is commonly associated with death and the number thirteen with bad fortune.

Each one of us also has our personal lucky and unlucky numbers. These are numbers we have learned to associate based on our life experiences. They might be different for each person as it is based on your birth sign and your surroundings.

Try to meditate for a moment and recall all the important numbers that have real meaning into your life.

What to Do If My Business Has a Bad Luck Number?

You do not have to worry about this situation as it can be fixed thanks to Feng Shui. It is true that you can’t just change the numbers of your business address but there are two things you can do to negate the power of bad luck numbers.

  1. If it is possible, do not display the number of your business publically on the street.
  2. Rearrange the numbers of your address diagonally. This will minify the negative impact and won’t affect the energy of other numbers.
  3. Circle around the bad luck number on your address. You can even use chalk and it will block entirely the flow of bad chi into your business.

Understanding the power of Numerology Feng Shui will help you to change your life. A couple of simple changes can make a huge difference in how you feel and what comes into your life.

Feng Shui Tips

How to Design a Bedroom With Feng Shui – Discover the Basics

Come and learn everything you need to know about the basic power of Feng Shui. Discover the best placement for your furniture in your bedroom to attract wealth and fortune.

Do you usually feel even more exhausted when you arrive home after a long day of work? It is possible that something is blocking the natural flow of energy in your house.

Many people consider Feng Shui as one of the principal elements when designing a bedroom. It will allow the positive energies to enter your house as the negative ones go away.

There are some pretty specific concepts in the art of Feng Shui such as the position related to the Sun, the specific colors of a room and even the current year of the Chinese Zodiac.

But you do not have to worry. We understand that making huge changes in your house like placing a new window can be expensive or even impossible if you are renting.

This is why we have come with this short list of Basic Feng Shui Elements that you can integrate at no cost. It will only take a few minutes of your day to change the way you feel in your home.

5 Tips To Apply Feng Shui to Your Bedroom

  1. Change the position of your bed. Some experts will tell you that it is important that you sleep with your head towards the East. Yet the most important thing you need to remember is to avoid sleeping with your feet towards North. This will bring bad energies and interrupt your rest.
  2. Get rid of everything you do not need. Do not worry, you don’t have to sell or throw anything to the trash. You can use boxes if you want to, keep your room clear from the things you do not use day by day.
  3. Air ventilation is super important. In case you don’t have a window or you can’t open it, you can try using a small fan. It does not matter if it is only a small breeze.
  4. Add a good luck charm to your decoration. Are you looking for wealth, love or financial success? Pick the right trinket for you and it will help you to channel those energies into your life.
  5. Place a pair of speakers to listen to relaxing audio. Music also has an influence on the energies that surround you. Avoid staring at a screen while listening to music as this might distract your subconscious.

EXTRA. Gifts that you receive from other people are charged with positive energies. Try to keep these objects close to you as a reminder of all the love you have in your life.

As you can see, you can apply all these Feng Shui methods for your bedroom today and it will cost you near to nothing. In case you do not want to make a radical change in your bedroom, you can also apply these tips one by one.

Feng Shui Tips

5 Habits That Attract Bad Karma to Your Life

You have to pay attention to your actions to avoid bringing bad Karma into your way. Here are a few common habits that you have to stop doing if you want to have clean energy around you.

The concept of Karma is popular nowadays with the saying “What goes around comes around”. This means that everything good or bad that you do will come back to you.

A lot of spiritual experts and Feng Shui masters have agreed on the existence of Karma in this universe. It is one of the most important laws in this life along with the Law of Attraction.

Every action that you do has consequences. Sometimes they are immediate and you will see them right away. Other times it might take days or even months to be able to see the side-effects.

The most interesting part of Karma is that the energy that comes back to you returns amplified and stronger. Sometimes what you get in return does not seem connected to your direct action in the first place.

How to Avoid Bad Karma

As I said before, we need to pay attention and keep a clean Karma in our lives. Take a look at these common habits that usually attract bad energy to our surroundings.

1. Watching too much television

It might seem ridiculous, right? You might think that there is no harm in sitting there watching TV. The problem is that all the time you spend there, you are not doing anything good either.

Doctors have already released studies of the dangers of having a sedentary life. Sitting in a place for long periods of time without physical activity is harming your body. Never forget that your body is your temple.

2. Hurting other living beings

I am not talking about harming pets or other people around you. Sometimes our Karma becomes a stain for killing an insect who was only living its life.

It is true that you need to protect yourself and your family from the diseases that some of these insects cause. But they are still living beings and all forms of life should be respected.

3. Making fun of other people

It is easy to let yourself go by the mood of the moment. The other person might even join the laughter in the end. Yet you can’t tell if you are hurting that person or not.

Respect towards others is important to preserve good Karma.

4. Addictions

This habit is pretty straightforward and connected to the first one I mentioned in this list. Your body is your temple. Addictions of any kind are harmful to your spirit.

By not taking care of your body, you are also hurting your spiritual being.

5. Having negative thoughts

This one might be the most important of all because we do it without even noticing. Negative thoughts towards other people and life itself can only bring bad Karma.

Many people get frustrated with the concept of Karma, they think that they are doing a lot of good actions without receiving anything in return.

Their problem lies in the negativity of their mind. When you realize good deeds in your life expecting nothing in return, the universe will read your good Karma and bring back beautiful things to you.

Feng Shui Tips

How Long Will My Feng Shui Items Work?

Did you know that Feng Shui items can lose their power over time? It is true! Do not worry, here you can find out how to protect them and also the right way to recharge their energy.

Feng Shui items such as the popular Maneki Neko, the Three-Legged Frog or the Crystals and Stones have the power to bring good luck, success and even love to your life.

But if you want to get the most benefits from these items it is necessary to protect them from damage and bad energies. It can be frustrating to have faith in an authentic Feng Shui product that will not work at the end of the day.

How Does A Feng Shui Trinket Stop Working?

This can happen for one of these two main reasons:

  1. Your Feng Shui Charms suffered physical damage and cracked.
  2. Someone else who touched your item altered the flow of energy.

When you get a new Feng Shui charm, you need to be the only person who touches it. There is an exception when you get it as a piece of decoration for your home or business.

These items are made to connect the energy from the universe with yours. Then they channel it to increase the flow that matches your desires.

Allowing many people to make contact with Feng Shui objects, the energy becomes disrupted. Because the emotions and wishes from the other people are different from yours.

How to Fix My Feng Shui Items

If your item suffered physical damage, do not patch it with any substance or use commercial glue.

Try to fix it by using natural adhesives from organic sources or resins. It can be a little harder to repair it but this will guarantee the correct flow of energies.

In case your Feng Shui charm lost its power because of the contact with other people. Then what you need to do is to clean it with a mixture of clear water and rock salt.

Do not soak it wet. You will only need a small towel and some patience. Visualize the future that you want in your life while doing this. This is to re-establish the link that you had in the beginning.

There is also another method that is gaining popularity over the last few years. The Kintsugi is the art of repairing broken pottery with gold, silver or platinum.

The philosophy around this form of art is to see the beauty in something that was damaged instead if hiding it. I do not personally recommend this technique as it might result very expensive.

It is only a beautiful alternative method related to Feng Shui that is worth mentioning.

Feng Shui Tips

How to Bring Love Into Your Life

Different scents have different effects on the human body. You can attract a lot of love to you by using the right incense. The quick results are going to shock you.

Our brain has a superior ability to remember different scents. This kind of memory is even stronger than the one we use when looking at images. Notice how every time you smell a strong scent, dozens of pictures come to your mind at that moment.

This is because our subconscious is in charge of this operation. It has already been proven by scientists around the world that the use of pheromones does have an impact on the opposite gender.

That is something that biologists look in nature every day. Nowadays there are a lot of commercial deodorants and perfumes that hide our natural scent. Yet our subconscious is capable to distinguish the pheromones behind all that.

Choose The Right Incense To Attract Love

If you have walked by a store that sells aromatherapy products, your nose might have gotten a little confused. There are a lot of different scents and our brain does not know what to do.

As I already mentioned, this works on a subconscious level. The right scent will activate that part connected to the Law of Attraction.

It might be difficult for us to achieve this without extra help. We all have problems and stress in our lives that might keep us from achieving what we want in life.

come-me-incenseThis is why I recommend you to try out the Come to Me incense sticks. A single box comes with around 20 sticks that you can use while you meditate, work or even do chores.

They have a light scent like wooden or spice. You will get a feeling of peace and tranquility after using the incense. Try to keep your mind focused on what you want in life.

Think of that special person or the kind of relationship that you want in your life while you have this incense on. You can achieve even faster results if you use it right before going to bed.

That way your subconscious mind is going to keep the connection with the universe to attract what you want in life. Never fall asleep when the incense is still burning.

Remember, as I mentioned in a previous post it is important to keep positive thoughts in your mind. Everything will come to you at the right time. Rushing the universe to bring what you are wishing for is not going to help you.